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  1. Hi guys, ive recently acquired a Tiger super 6 running a 2l Pinto and ZXR carbs. the air filter needs replacing as its has started to degrade. being a bit of a newby to bike carbs im a bit confused by my options, it currently has a Pipercross sausage and i'm curious about replacing it with 4 separate mini filters for instance, something that performs well but also looks good, i find the sausage filters a bit uggers...

    what have others done?



  2. Ive really enjoyed these thoughtful replies, thanks guys. ive actually tinkered all my life and do have a reasonably good understanding of the basics, i was always dismantling things as a yoof to the extent that my dad had to ask the local electrician to come round and tell me to slow down or i might kill meself...(true story).

    i think what ive come up against is the realisation that although i feel relatively capable, when faced with buying a car that had obvious electrical problems i didnt feel confident it wasnt go to defeat me so wanted to change that...perhaps i just need to worry less!


  3. 3 hours ago, Foz said:

    One thought - if you have a car with a towbar (or know someone who has) it is fairly cheap to hire a car trailer for the day and collect it yourself.  You only need a relatively lightweight trailer as the car is unlikely to be more than 700-800kgs - I used to hire one quite often, when taking mine to trackdays.


    yep i had considered that option, my concern would be that if the car was a long distance away i wouldn't want to take a trailer just on the chance i would actually buy it and if i subsequently went back for a second time with the trailer that may well end up costing more than using one of these companies?

  4. Hi guys, Im actively looking for my first Kit Car and hoping to make a purchase in the next few weeks/months.

    One slightly disheartening thing is that most of the best deals i have seen have been many miles from me, i live south of Bristol. As i am a little unconfident about driving a new 7 Type for 4 hours down the M1/M5 etc ive been looking into car transporter companies.

    My question is has anyone had much experience with these and if so how did you find a trustworthy one? , ( I spoke to Andrew at Zoom and he cant deliver this far south) secondly if i am viewing a car and want to have it collected later, how do people go about paying the seller? i would be a bit nervous paying someone the full amount or even a deposit and then walking away without the vehicle!

    Anyone done this recently, any thoughts?

  5. Hi folks, Im excited to get into the world of 7 ownership and having recently passed on a second hand 2b as it had some electrical problems (gauges and indicators not working), it has been a reminder that although being a mechanically minded person automotive electrics are definitely a weak spot in my understanding and experience! 

    I just wonder if any of you guys could point to a good source material to try and help my understanding and instincts in this area, how do people learn this, especially if your like me and have just tinkered all your life?


  6. Thoughtful and helpful comments guys thanks, i knew id come to the right place! ive pretty much decided to pass on the car i saw yesterday and having seen some of the cars advertised in the for sale section of this site i know realise there are much better examples out there for not a lot more money. ive done my research on RH cars and so am becoming familiar with the degree to which they need to be massaged during the build to get everything to come together!

    Automotive electrics are definitely a week spot in my knowledge and experience so another reason to give this car a miss as my introduction to the world of 7s i think.

    thanks for the thoughts.


  7. Hi Folks, im new to the world of 7 type car ownership. Having spent many fun hours as a teenager fiddling with late 70s Minis im now in my mid 40s and am excited to get back to getting my hands greasy.

    Im after a bit of advice, im looking to buy a Robin Hood as these seem to fit my budget and i dont want to spend too much as its my first 7 type. 

    I went to see a 1993 2B running a 2l Pinto with single carb this morning that was reasonably local to me, the young lad selling it had acquired it from a family member and wasnt particularly knowledgeable, (like me!) the timing belt had a cover over it so i wasnt able to inspect the condition.

    the main visible issues the car had was none of the gauges worked or the indicators, he said this was a recent thing and it has an MOT until march next year. 

    there was also a smallish oil leak from somewhere.

    he was asking £3000.

    other than fuses can anyone suggest any other reason why the whole dash would stop working? 

    It all appears to be registered correctly etc.

    any thoughts or comments welcome, its all new to me.


    Many thanks!


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