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Found 2 results

  1. So I'll start the ball rolling with a build thread - almost definitely this is going to be a very long-running one . First post will just be an introduction to what is being planned, and some background to how we got here. Donor The donor is my old Robin Hood Exmo. Since the value of this in the market is so low these days, and having poured a sizeable chunk of cash into it last year getting it back on the road (engine management, BGT gearset, etc), I'm really happy with it apart from one aspect - the chassis. Built it back in '96 with a mate (we both went 50/50) on a budget and far less experience than today. Bought out my mate's half in the mid-noughties. Originally a Pinto, but converted to the K-Series in the late 90's. It's a good, known car, and obviously the ideal donor. And before anyone asks, yes I will be doing it properly via IVA Zero Spotted an unused kit on eBay back in the spring. Now I'd already got plans to do the transplant into a Zero around this time of year, but was originally just going to buy a new kit. However I thought I'd have a punt on the unused kit and put in a suitably low offer. Well, it all came through, the guy was happy with the offer and must have been eager for the cash as he ended it early and we did the deal. The kit got stored away until now, no time to really do anything with it as my time was taken up with motorsport during the main part of the year, and rebuilding an engine for another car. Now the season is over it's time to start up the winter project So at present time we have a Zero kit from late 2010. The Kwak green is going - I've picked up a new set of white bodywork for it (the newer one-piece rear wings and revised nosecone) and the necessary bits of plate/bracketry to bring the chassis up to present-day spec (thanks Keith at GBS). First job is to strip the Exmo of all the donor parts and I've taken evidential footage of its make-up, including a video of it running, in case anyone later queries it. The suspension arms are off to be dipped/cleaned with a mate, as their paint was peeling off and surface rust on some portions of them, so we'll start again with those. First task is to offer up the K-Series and figure out what's going to interfere with what. The bellhousing I have was originally for a Fisher so tilts the engine over considerably from the vertical, so I suspect the top chassis tube is going to be a problem. If this is the case I suspect I'll either need to get the bellhousing modified, or get a new one that keeps the engine vertical. We'll see. Hopefully get this done the weekend.
  2. Hi Guys, Hopefully this in the right section. So I have recently purchased an unfinished EXMO. After having a trip upto the factory in Nottingham I was hooked on building one myself rather than buying a 'fully' finished one. Also being on a student budget does make things a little bit tighter. On to the purchase: As you can see more than enough to keep me busy for a while, probably best to add that the engine (1.8 ford sierra OHC) currently doesn't run but has been re-bored etc and turns over by hand. Battery, plugs and leads all on order, distributor cap and rotatory arm cleaned up. Currently in the process of stripping the brakes down and a general clean and tidy of the suspension components, I have found one front caliper seized beyond belief and that the front brake lines do not want to part from the calipers so they are packed to go home to dad for some 'gentle' persuasion! On the other hand the rear drums don't appear to have the access screw to slacken them off, any ideas would be appreciated... as they are also stuck fast and have been left to soak overnight before they will be attended to again. Thinking ahead has anyone tried to get the EXMO through the IVA and if so any pointers would be welcomed! I'm sure I will have a few more questions as it progresses. Look forward to hearing from people. Suzanne Based in Bedford.
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