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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I’ve recently inherited the responsibility for getting my late grandfathers (now mine) Robin hood Exmo back on the road after around 15 years in the garage! I’ve turned my attention to the fuel pump/ lines now as I am unsure if the E10 fuel will be compatible with either of these, the donor car was a 1986 C reg mk1 sierra 2.0i looking at the fuel pump it seems to be different to modern set up so am unsure what the best approach would be. could anyone shine some light on what the bellow type part is that is attached to the fuel pump?( i’ve attached a picture!) am i right in thinking that this would be redundant when replacing the whole pump or is it something that needs to remain? Any other suggestions on the fuel lines and pump set up would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. MarkBzero

    Fuel economy

    Just about made it home running on fumes, I know I was driving slightly faster than normal and being second car in convoy we always use more fuel. So just wondering what mpg are others getting. I have a Ford ST170 engine on twin 45's set up by rolling road using a megajolt ECU and VVT pro. What could I do to get get better mpg bit still retain the fun element when required?
  3. Guest

    Fuel Economy- Losing Fuel?

    Hi Guys, A newbie here- always wanted one of these but didn’t have the space to build one so I finally bought one last month but having a few issues already. The fuel gage doesn’t work and is stuck on full- something I’m planning on fixing this weekend (assuming it’s not too difficult). But more concerning is the apparent fuel consumption- a full tank (about 30 litres I think) lasted about 60-70 miles (most of those miles were cruzing in a lowish gear on A roads). It doesn’t appear to be losing fuel when stationary and ticking over. Is this fuel consumption correct? Because unless my numbers are wrong that’s about 10mpg! It’s got a 2.1 pinto with Weber 38dges carbs. Any help much appreciated Cheers
  4. Guest

    Fuel Starvation

    All you experts out there, please HELP a newbie. My car is a GBS Zero with a 2L Zetec black top, only done 600 miles, recently purchased as a complete build from new parts. I believe it has two fuel pumps and also a swirl pot. I went for a nice run today (only hot day of the year) car was being starved of fuel, if left to cool down for a while then it was ok for 15 mins then lost power again. the engine was running hotter that normal about 95 deg and the fan had cut in. I am convinced that the fuel was vaporising, does any have any ideas how to overcome this or tell me I am barking up the wrong tree. If I don't reply for a while it is because I am going on holiday tomorrow, thanks in anticipation.
  5. Smiths gauges in good condition, one bulb holder missing, I have a temp sender, but it is a large diameter thread. All senders are available form Smiths etc, will also need a voltage stabiliser to stop them fluctuating. £15.00 plus p&p for all three
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