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Series 3a Cooling Problem

robert cockling

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That's very similar system to what I have Bob apart from mine is T'd into the rad bottom hose.


Mine's a 2b but even in the 35 degree heat with just the RH fan & the old pastic topped rad it avoided the red (just!)


I'm going to swap the rad for a Coolman at some stage & prob add a heater to up the capacity further (& it'll be useful in Winter)


Dan :)

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Hooray!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


Took half day off yesterday , carrot being nice weather and potential track night at Knockhill Circuit


Removed old rad, fitted new Coolman(sounds quick when you say it like that!!) in same place as old one but left the existing viscous fan on (knew I wouldn't have time to wire up Landrover one, plus wanted to see if difference in performance was down to rad first and not fan. Two trips to Halfords (wrong flexi hose size the first time) quick fill up with Antifreeze / water, ran it for a couple of minutes to help get rid of air then set off for track


Although it was a warm evening guage stayed comfortably in the norm .


Arrived at the circuit and switched off the car and although coolant overflowed (very small amount) out of my overflow bottle , rest sucked back into rad (even though bottle is not sealed at the neck).


Arrived too late to get out on track , however took a longer journey home when temp had fallen slightly and car didn't seem to lose any coolant, in fact guage stayed below half way line all the way home.


In addition I used the pressure cap supplied with the rad (18 deg I think, instead of the 20psi one I had fitted)


If I get the chance over the weekend I will try to find an expansion tank to sort out the minor overflow problem



But so far looking good...........thanks to all for the advice and support



Then it's on to the next task.........................



Robert B)

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I find that the system will find its own level as when its hot it pushes out passed the rad cap and as it cools it sucks the water back. My solution was to fit an overflow pipe at the top of the expansion bottle to stop my feet getting wet as it finds its own level.



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