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How Do I Post Pictures?

Guest red7

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Doh. Since we got our new website I've been unable to post pictures, I managed a few thumbnails early on but that's it. I guess it's operator error on my part. Give me a clue someone. I'll post a picture of a young lady in a bikini at Newark when I know what to do as a reward. :D

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woohoo Ive beat him to it!!




register then you can upload your pics to the site then just copy and past the :)


just like this

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v388/stu205/PICT0072.jpg' alt='PICT0072.jpg'>


what you actuall see in the text box looks like this {IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v388/stu205/PICT0072.jpg[/img}

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1) Use "Add reply" (not fast reply)

2) Type your message

3) There is a section called "File Attachment" and importantly ho much space you have left (personally) to upload things to the board. Click the "Browse..." button on this line to bring up a file selector on your pc.

4) Select your picture (Make sure it's 50kb or under), click [OK] now select the option "Add this attachement" and wait a few seconds while it uploads.

4a) If you want to include multiple pictures, you can click browse again and select another picture, using the same method as 4.

5) Hit "Add reply"


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