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First Drive Since Cockpit Rebuild

Guest The Modfather

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Guest The Modfather

Today was it's first drive since rebuilding dash and cockpit. And can I say I had a grin from ear to ear, and it wasn't because of the -2 celsius temperature!

Everything works, and the speedo was spot on. I'm really pleased with the speedo as it's as steady as a rock, with no wandering from the needle. Temp was holding nicely at 90 degrees, oil pressure nice.

I even managed to get my X-box junkie son out in it for a quick spin, which is a feat in itself as he seems to be glued to the darn thing 24 hrs a day. Even he enjoyed it, telling mum all about it upon his return. Even the neighbours came out to see the transformation, and they liked it, with the chap's son saying, "Dad, why don't you get one?"

Taking the missus out in it tomorrow :rolleyes:


Some pics of the cockpit:







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Guest The Modfather

Thanks Graham. I was sat in the seat wondering just how to have them, having spent hours on some Westfield programme moving them around, but not liking any that I had done. I knew I wanted the warning lights to arc over the steering wheel, and then the gauges just grew from there. Having looked at so many other builds, I hadn't seen one like this, so I guess it is for the time being, unique B)


Thanks again.



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can not decide how to put my guages and warning lights on my dash board.



does any body have and other pictures to help me??? <_<



Hi Mate,


Managed to re-do my dash after SVA. pretty pleased with it. Used Capri clocks which I have cut apart and mounted on a brushed stainless panel, with carbon fibre effect surround. Mounted the warning lights above the steering column, just in view/ line of sight. Choke & horn to the right. Just a bit of fettling required to completely finih off.

Don't think you will see many dash's the same as everyone has their own tastes/ take on what is right for them. Good luck and look forward to your end design.



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Guest Noddy006

Hi Darren


Must say it looks good.

I have been thinking about changing my dash for ETB guages and this could be the deciding factor. At present I have the original Sierra unit but think I have got a broken speedo cable. (Can't get car in garage and with the snow no chance to check). Did you fit mechanical speedo or electronic. I am thinking electronic may be easier in the long run(though more expensive) and I don't like the way the speedo cable is fed through the cabin. (Thought about getting angle drive from gear box but at about£100 it too expensive). Did the guage wire up ok etc.




Ian H

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Guest The Modfather
Looks really good Daz, really like the way you have laid them out


is that the kit for £200?


Yes it is. Could have had them done with yellow dials but would have had to wait. White or black dials with chrome or black bezels ready off the shelf.


Ian H. The speedo is mechanical, and the cable is sadly going underneath the carpet and up the side. I don't have the right angled drive so it is a pain, and £100 better spent elsewhere. Very easy to wire up, just follow my rebuild thread and all probs i encountered are sorted on there, so you should be ok. The instructions supplied are also very clear, just read everything!


Adahutch. It is a case of going through other threads, and check out this link http://nw.rhocar.org/dashboards.htm


Good luck



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Looks really good, its surprising how difficult it is to decide the final layout. I'm still stripping the donor and I have shed loads of photos from the shows and various build sites...... but still can not decide.

Well plenty of time yet - ETB dials on wish list.



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