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  1. Great to catch up with a few familiar faces after such a long time, glad to see everyone was doing well. Shows was small, but given the timing the turnout from the clubs was still impressive. The Marcos made it back with no issues after having a small wee when arriving at the show (thanks to me inadvertently knocking off the fan switch )Thanks to you all and hope to see you again in the not so distant future
  2. No worries, was looking forward to it. Got another show local on Sunday so will do that instead
  3. Yes thats ok for me, I'll aim to get there 8.30-9 ish (Dont want to wake up the neighbours too early to the V8 rumble on a Sunday lol). At least the car has a pretty good hood if needed....but hopefully not. See you there
  4. Should be there in the Marcos, what time do you want us to arrive? Fingers crossed weather holds out
  5. Keep me posted as only At Barnsley and waiting to take the Marcos Mantula Spyder to its first show in 2 years , This will be too good too miss.
  6. All being well might actually be able to make this one
  7. You spoke too soon , got delayed at Work...hopefully can make next one??
  8. Actually made one for a change Yes was a decent Turnout Ivan, shame we missed you. Great to catch up with everyone again
  9. 140bhp on a MK1 1.8 with ITB is bang on the money...so a pretty good result by the looks of it. Plenty of power for one of these cars. The Turbo or supercharger should give you 210+ bhp and a significant increase in Torque.. IMHO anything above 200bhp is just boasting rights in the pub, as you will rarely be able to use it as rear tyres will just spin (which can also be fun) Enjoy,
  10. Damn missed it again....sorry guys. Keeps falling on dates I'm away working. Will try to make the next one....promise
  11. Away again, so no show for me.... maybe next month if about
  12. Looks like the new job is keeping me busy...in Czech rep so wont make it
  13. I had the MK1 1.8 in my SR2 which pushed out 130bhp in standard form. ITB will give approx 15-20bhp over injection ?(Roadrunner have done a few of these). However supercharging gives a nice 240bhp and loads of torque The MK2 1.8 I think is up by 10 bhp ish on the MK1
  14. Use some clear silicone. Will stick down the plate and can be removed at a later date without too much mess. use masking tape on the nose cone so when you wipe off any excess you get a nice seal between plate and nose cone with no mess or do as I did for 4 years and drive around with it in your boot so if you ever got stopped "it just dropped of, honest Guv ". Never got a 2nd glance in 4yrs. Just fitted a temp one for MOt purposes
  15. Down in Newquay celebrating the wifes 50th so another no show from me
  16. Thought you had it dual mapped? Normal and mad modes? Not done something silly have we?
  17. Sounds really good Dave and should definitely turn a few heads...especially for those of us old enough to remember "The Prisoner" Piccies though would definitely prompt more responses I'm sure
  18. This is a subject that has been buzzing around forums for a while. This is an excerpt from the Cobra forum, he got an email from DVSA to clarify the situation (there was a lot of worried guys there with big old V8's): "What we are trying to prevent here, is engines being changed for older variants thereby increasing the vehicles emissions since the time the vehicle was type approved as this is illegal on vehicles first used from 1 September 2002 under the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. In the case of a kit car, these are often approved with an older engine are and will therefore still tested to those ‘old engine’ standards as the engine has not been changed since its approval (SVA/IVA test). Therefore, if a 2003 kit car was IVA tested with a 1987 engine, it will be MOT tested to the emissions standard applied at IVA. Best regards Shaun Martin | Policy Specialist (Vehicle Testing and Roadworthiness) Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency | Berkeley House, Croydon Street, Bristol BS5 0DA " If there is nothing on your V5C front sheet under emissions then send complaint to DVLA asking them to send you a new one with this on Hope this helps clarify
  19. Bet my aerial is bigger than yours though
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