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Radiator Mounting

Guest steve8274

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Guest steve8274

hi all

hopefully someone can point me in right direction.

i have the coolman radiator supplied by GBS.

zero kit car with rad mounts welded to chassis by GBS

my question is where abouts does the rad go in relation to height of car.

the rad mounts have no holes in and the brackets dont really line up with rad. rad a bit to narrow for brackets but this can be sorted.

do i line it up so bottom of rad is in line with bottom of chassis or is there another way

has anyone else got the modified chassis and fitted one? any pics?



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Hi Steve,


I spent ages looking / trying / thinking about fitting the rad on the pre welded brackets...


It then dawned on me how to do it, i cut them off the chassis and made my own instead mate.

If you study my build pics, you'll see how i did it and if you want dimensions etc i can PM you my number

and talk you through it. Not sure what the latest chassis' are like, but mine was no where near right on the

mounts to the point the nose cone wouldn't physically fit.


Also,have you seen my modification i did to the chassis/rack mount area to allow a nice clean pipe run

for the bottom rad hose? Simple to do, if not a tad time consuming to get it a good fit and looking right.





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Guest steve8274

thanks nick

i have indeed looked at your pics. whenever i get stuck, i always seem to view your pics for inspiration however i didnt realise you had same brackets as mine to start with, which is why i didnt consider making new brackets.

i havent even tried it with nose cone yet. they are up in loft out of way at moment to keep safe

my major problem is making the new brackets, or fixing them to be more precise! i cant weld. no equipment and never even tried to weld.

so was kind of hoping someone with these brackets had made them work.

i may wait and see if anyone replies, if not then i will contact you nick if thats ok.

with regards to your hose modification, i think it looks great. with my car being cvh at moment, the bottom hose needs to head off to other side of engine, so i was going to use a 45 degree angle hose. the existing rad mounts would allow for this but if i have to change them, then i may copy your idea since i dont think there will be enough space



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Guest dinger

Hi Steve,


I had this very conversation with Nick the other week, His radiator mounts were no where near good enough to fit the rad, but mine were perfect,

I had to cut the back lugs from the radiator and it slipped(with a little shove) inbetween the mounting plates that GBS welded on, I'll try and get some pics tommorrow night,

Is it the twin core coolman rad you have?



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Guest steve8274

hi dave

pics would be great

think it is twin core. how do i check for sure? it is the one supplied by gbs and cost about £70 i think

thanks for help


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Guest Spencer Griffiths

Hi Guys. I have the older chasis without the rad brackets, so I bought the brakets from GBS. It was all very simple, I positioned the brackets inside the front upright tubes and drilled through the holes that were already in the brackets. It was then a case of simply positioning the rad onto the brackets (fitted perfectly both width and height) then drill four holes to mount onto brackets. I have made up some small isolating washers with a large tap washer in between to help stop vibrations.


You guys have got me worried now that it all went to well, I will post some better close up pictures soon.





post-3676-071093300 1281457523_thumb.jpg

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It would be good to see a side picture if possible please. I have not fitted the rad yet because I have no nose cone until Stafford. A little issue when I picked the Zero up.



I like the hose tunnel through the chassis but same as Steve no welding gear.


Regards all.


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