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Guest gixerboy600

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Guest gixerboy600

Busy in the chat room, just had a fascinating conversation with myself!!!


Does anyone use it??????


If everyone when online just went into it some interesting conversations might ensue and in reference to GDC's comment about the forum being a bit dull, it might brighten things up a tad????


Just a thought in support of GDC's initial point

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Guest dinger

I dont bother, Always on my own in there,,,,,,, Also, you cant see what peeps have been saying as when you log in its a blank sheet,


This is the reason I started the " Hookering thread" which only a few people have used, Its good because if you havnt been online for a few days you can have an interesting read of everyones banter,


You can only lead a horse so far!!!!!!

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Guest gixerboy600

2 people and no one saying a thing, how pointless!!



Had a great chat with Russell earlier, he has now got his first task on his new kit and we had a laugh!!


No wonder this forum can be so dull!!!!

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I've said hello John, but no reply?

Same here Dave, i've been in there a few times now mate, i say hi and then they leave...

My favourite saying for situations like that is....

”It makes no difference to my mortgage payments”


Had a good laugh with some, but most are as i mention above. Perhaps i'm to confident in my build and that makes me unpopular?? If so, see my previous quote!! Pmsl.

:unknw: =@ 8)

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