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6*4 Trailer

Guest Tim Norman

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Guest Tim Norman

Is there any body out there who has a braked trailer 6'*4' that wants to sell it to the Club, or know of anyone who has one they don't want.




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Have you checked e-bay?


have a look at this one


and this one


maybe this one


this looks a good one


this is only£160 at the mo, with less than a day to go, and in Notts area


a nice box trailer


another decent box trailer


All these are around the size you want, and with brakes (as I can see) there are some around that size unbraked, whixh are cheaper. these all have less than 2 days to go, they are coming up all the time.

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Guest mickmellors

Thanks for the research Jim - very much appreciated.


We need something with brakes that is able to be pulled by a Robin Hood in case I ever get mine finished (or should that be 'started' ). While I have got the Peugeot it is not a problem to tow a big trailer but a Hood will struggle - apart from probably being illegal ! !


We have looked at several new ones and found a superb one that fits the bill perfectly with lockable weatherproof hard top etc etc came in at £1250 but with so many outstanding membership renewals we simply cant commit to spending anything like that amount of money yet. Many renewals come in at Stoneleigh and even as late as Newark, but by then the plot will be lost.


The idea of a trailer is to have all the show gear in one place so that we hitch up and go. At the moment I have stuff stashed away in corners of the garage, shed, loft, office and dining room and it is a bit inefficient to have to pack and unpack before and after every weekend away.


Thanks again for the research - MHM

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you might have read it wrong Mick, all those 'linked' had brakes as far as i could see, some were covered 'box' trailers, some weren't.

there's always plenty on e-bay, and much cheaper (for nearly new) than £1250.

just keep looking.



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Guest graham dockerill

Mick I sent you a reply concerning trailer which we spoke about at Detling . If you did'nt receive it or chose to ignore it , please acknowledge.

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