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Weber Overhaul Kit

kevin the chicken

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A couple of simple questions for all you clever people out there. Tried to start my new toy at the weekend but without success as fuel started to pour out of one of the 45's. On investigation carb seemed to be half full of porridge like sludge and water, probably not surprising as the car has stood for some time so I guess the float or the needle valve was the cause of the problem. Next step was to clean out all the muck so an overhaul kit was purchased for each carb.

Although I have used most of the pieces in the kit there are two small rubber o rings left that I can't find a home for (two slightly bigger ones were used on the main jets) Any ideas?

The second thing is should the washers on the banjo bolts be copper? There are two fibre ones that are the correct size included in the kit. I know it is a low pressure system but I have always used copper in the past.

My next job is to clean out the lines and the petrol tank, any good suggestions here would be helpful too!



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