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I had the car in to Torque Tune yesterday and Russ did a nice job sorting out my honda fireblade carbs.


After 3 hrs of his magic car running very sweet and the dyno finally showed 120 BHP at the rear wheels which for a 2l pinto unmodified is impressive.


I would have no problem recommending him to any other members in need of his services,





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yes I previously was running the PINTO on the standard injection set up but when refurbished the car changed over to the honda fire blade carbs on the GBS manifold. After adjusting most things Russ finally reduced the size of the main jets and emissions across the full range show little variance with a not shabby BHP.


I was a lucky boy however as when Russ took off the Piper Cross air filter (which he does not like) he found one of the small bolts which GBS use to secure the aluminium back plate to the trumpet housings rattling around in the filter. If it had dropped into the intake that would have been the end of the engine. Russ checked the rest and only 3 were tight the rest being in various stages ready to drop out.


Anyone reading this who got GBS to assemble bike carbs onto their manifold should check all the bolts are tight. I will be putting some silicone / lock tight on mine as soon as I can.









Of the other 11

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