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  1. Nick you obviously forgot I was keeping a set of 5 in my shed for you. phil
  2. Nick you should have given me a call I am sure I have a full inlet manifold for my pinto when I changed over to bike carbs. If I can be of any help give me a call. Phil
  3. This weekend stripped down cleaned and reassembled carbs. Seems to be running better but only had chance for very short burst around the block. Will try longer run over next couple of days cutting it fine but fingers crossed. phil
  4. just remembered that the besteck electronic ignition kit included a new dissy and cap so will need to find out which one they used on my model is there any chance its out of tune? or is it still more likely that cleaning the carbs will be the solution. Have found a video on youtube showing how to clean the bowl and jets so can get on with this. Not long to go before next show so need to sort out problem as don't fancy coming in tin top. p
  5. checked and changed hoses connecting carbs to manifold no air leaks but still no joy. as I can see 'flames' through carb with air filter off seems to suggest over fueling! It was suggested that i try replacing distributor cap and rotor arm but as the car starts ok and runs on tick over i don't think this is the problem the misfire / backfire / lack of power only present under load. In any event Andrew Page don't seem to be able to supply rotor arm and distributor caps for an E reg 2l pinto so I might have to wait till next show thats if i can get car running before then. Initially had the carbs set up professionally for me so have never cleaned / overhauled the honda fierbade carbs i am running if its still the view that I need to have a look / clean them any links suggested on how to do? phil
  6. gomatthome

    Flat Roofs

    Any roofer members out there and can recommend the best method of DIY re roofing a flat garage roof. Was looking at EPDM and Glass Fibre kits as these seem to be the two main ones suggested. Any views.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did have to remove carbs from inlet manifold to reattach water inlet but am sure i retightened hoses to carbs but will check again. Did not drain carbs before mothballing before christmas so will have a look it might be that any crud present was also disturbed when I removed / reconnected as above. Have filled up with fresh fuel so the little left in should have been diluted with the good stuff will try running longer to run fuel through the system. Thanks for the suggestions so far will report back on improvements. phil
  8. Having got the car out of mothballs I find i have developed a misfire. Running Honda Fireblade carbs on my 2l pinto with Besteck electronic ignition. Having removed air filter I can see back fire into the carbs. Will start ok and run on idle but under load is when misfire starts. Have changed plugs and fitted new leads but no improvement. Any suggestions what I should look at next. Phil
  9. Many thanks will check out You might be correct as my lad says when testing on the brown the tester lights up bright and when testing on the blue its dull. guess will have to pop over with my multimeter and check out voltage between both sides of fitting thanks again for suggestion. phil
  10. A quick question for any electricians out there. My son has recently moved into a new house and in the kitchen he has downlighters one of which does not work. Looking at the wiring it would appear to be the last one on the loop as it only has one wire going into it and the others have two. Obviously changed the bulb so this is not the problem. Changed the fitting in case this was problem but again still not working. Its a standard lighting wire with blue / brown wires the earth not connected. Using a tester when the lights are switched on the brown shows power (the light within the tester lights up) I might need to check but he tells me that the blue wire is also indicating power as the tester lights up when he puts his tester into this side of the light fitting. He can't lift the floor boards on the first floor as its the bathroom above to check the wiring and exactly which other downlighter its connected to and the bathroom has floor tiles. Question Should both sides i.e. blue and brown both be showing power when light switch is on and no bulb in fitting. What further tests should / can he perform. Any suggestions why fitting not working or how to resolve problem. I can't understand why its not working so any help would be very much appreciated. Phil
  11. thanks had everything set up Thanks I think its probably too low as still bottomming out on speed bumps even at low speed might bring my spanner along to stoneleigh and adjust on site phil
  12. Does anyone have any information on the correct (best) set up for the zero wide body suspension front and rear. phil
  13. sorry cant mak it bonfire night and all that phil
  14. Sorry wont be able to make it this month see everyone at next show
  15. will be down sunday just pace yourselves dont want to miss all the fun phil
  16. glad to have been able to help see you next meet phil
  17. Just let me know when you want to collect mine Phil
  18. Rob I have a spare one in good condition Phil
  19. i will be there phil
  20. sounds good fun will be there next year. phil
  21. I am proposing to make up a surrey in black with a white inner lining. Loads of material on ebay but not sure what quality / supplier to use. If anyone has bought similar can you suggest a link / specification best suited. phil
  22. Just had another look at met office forecast heavy rain heavy rain and heavy rain Saturday Might have to rethink tin top !!! Phil
  23. won't be camping as flying the next day on my hols but still intend to be there on saturday and i don't even have any wet weather gear and only one wiper.
  24. yes I previously was running the PINTO on the standard injection set up but when refurbished the car changed over to the honda fire blade carbs on the GBS manifold. After adjusting most things Russ finally reduced the size of the main jets and emissions across the full range show little variance with a not shabby BHP. I was a lucky boy however as when Russ took off the Piper Cross air filter (which he does not like) he found one of the small bolts which GBS use to secure the aluminium back plate to the trumpet housings rattling around in the filter. If it had dropped into the intake that would have been the end of the engine. Russ checked the rest and only 3 were tight the rest being in various stages ready to drop out. Anyone reading this who got GBS to assemble bike carbs onto their manifold should check all the bolts are tight. I will be putting some silicone / lock tight on mine as soon as I can. phil Of the other 11
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