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Zetec In A Zero Pics Request


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Hi All,


Does anyone have any pictures of the 2 litre zetec fitted into a Zero with the original electronic ignition? Will the original air intake fit in the engine bay?


Also I am using the original wiring loom from a 1999 mondeo with ECU... does anyone have any wiring information for this that might help me to identify what I need to connect from the existing loom? Ive located where all the plugs go on the engine but just not sure what needs connecting to the ignition feed/dials etc from the ECU.


Many thanks

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With the original ECU and intake? Sorry, didn't go that route. I'm not sure the original intake would fit though.


I used the Emerald ECU and GBS plenum which re-used part of the original intake manifold with all the pipe work cut away.


You can see pics from my web site.



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have fitted a 1.8 sivertop to my lightwieght (similar dimensions) the black plastic inlet manifold obstructs the steering shaft and the early ally manifold is too tall (had to raise the bonnet by 30mm). My ecu is from a 94 Mondeo as it doesnt have PATS and made the wiring easier. I'll try to find my wiring notes try this site http://www.fiestaturbo.com/forums/pin-out-on-deep-desk-dewy-vt183145/

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intake no, cheapest way is GBS plenum as Simon says


have engine harness (injector side) pin outs to Emerald ECU, if needed, but not the whole loom as yet.


which loom are you attaching to? GBS zero original, P&P, other make?


have adaptor link to use Zetec, GBS engine sub loom with any vehicle main loom but that is for Emerald ECU



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