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Distributor Points Gap

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I have bought a Robin Hood 2B with a 1.8 pinto engine. This is a standard unit apart from the man that built it fitted what I understand is a motorcraft Ford Transit distributor. Can anyone tell me what is the correct points gap in thous please.

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A 1.8 pinto with a transit points dizzy won't have a standard setting. I would go with a generic 16-18 thou or a dwell of say 50 degrees. And grease the points heel and put a few drops of oil on the felt pad under the rotor arm. Should run fine on that. Advance curve will be wrong, probably not enough, so set timing as advanced as possible by ear. Start off at 12 BTDC and drive up a steady hill slowish in fifth with the engine straining on full throttle. If it doesn't pink advance it another 2 degrees and try again. When it finally pinks, back off 2 degrees and lock the dizzy down.



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