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Sierra Clutch Pedal

Guest Plato

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Guest Plato

I built the car around 10 years agp with my son.

I have always had trouble with the automatic adjustment on the pedal.

I seem to remember that there is a way of converting this.

Can anyone help, please.


I desperation.

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Guest chris brown

It isn't the automatic adjustment that is the problem, that works very well providing nothing is bent. The problem normally is in the fact that you can't get enough travel on the clutch arm the answer usually is to run a strip of material (I used 4mm ally) across the top of the quadrant and run the cable on this hence making the quadrant bigger. Just file a start for the cable so it doesn't kink where it starts on the new material. Do a search as this has been covered lots of times.

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Guest david_l_perry

I have a raised eyebrow fitted to my quadrant (the larger dia quadrant) but it still did not give quite enough pull.


I very recently sorted mine by adjusting the clutch pedal pawl stop by taking a couple of mm off it. Its a small metal plate that disengages the pawl from the quadrant and sets the location of the pedal


By filing a little off the stop the pawl moves down and the pedal raises itself a little


It has the effect of raising the pedal and giving you more travel, and therefore more pull on the cable.


Mine has been great since doing this.



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Had similar probs to above & besides the "eyebrow" in the quadrant I fitted an extra spring to pull on the pedal end of the cable, seems to get rid of any "free/lost" movement before the cable starts acting on the clutch lever.

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