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How much force to disengage a clutch


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Evening All, 

Bit of a random question - does anyone know how much force is needed to disengage a clutch at the clutch fork end? Or a rough approximation? 

I currently have a wilwood master and slave cylinder to mount to my MT75 gearbox, but need to design and make a mount for the slave cylinder. 

I would measure it, myself but I'm currently in the middle East with work 😉


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Force/pressure/strain (even a hamd held scenes will,do )etc..  gauge on the clutch pedal, then that's multiplied by the ratio of the clutch pedal, or even straight on to the clutch fork itself. t's so I can design a fixed mount for the slave cylinder, in terms of how thick steel plate I'd need, as the shape and where it mounts to is pretty much fixed. I also need to take into consideration the leverage between where the mounts for the plate and slave cylinder are.

As without physically measuring is all a stab in the dark. If I can get the force needed to disengage the clutch if gives me a good starting point. 

But as I Should be back in the UK in 10 days or so, I can just measure mine 😎

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Some idea of the installation would help but I'd be using something at least 6mm thick, especially if there's any sort of bending moment between the cylinder and whatever the bracket is mounted to.

The mount will be subject to a high load, repeatedly. You can't make something like that too robust.


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Yep,it's pressed steel.


Plan is to utilise the r/h engine mount bolt holes plus the spare 4th one as the mounting point. The slave cylinder is a willwood pull setup. There's no rush to sort this, just a bit of a slow burn project. 😎


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