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2B Sliding Pillar Conversion

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Hello all.

I had a conversation with one of my area members recently regarding converting his 2B from sliding pillar to double wishbone suspension.

I converted my 2B about 12 years ago using mainly bespoke parts.

He tells me that GBS do a kit for the conversion. I can’t remember the price he said it was but it seemed reasonable to me.

Have any of you used this kit? And how was it?

Is there anyone else out there that does a conversion kit or will do the conversion?

Thank you in advance for any advice, comments, and opinions.

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John Peach (hen he was area secretary)had his done. What a difference it made !

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My car was the prototype for the GBS conversion and they did it at the factory.

There 's more to it than wishbones. I remember having to have a different rack and hubs, plus I requested an extra strut across the top of the chassis for strength.

All in, it was a brilliant conversion and really changed the performance of the car.


I dont have it now, and the memory isn't so good , so I hope you don't ask me any hard questions, but if you want my opinion as to whether you should convert your sliding pillar the way mine was done, I say undoubtedly go for it.

I don't know what they charge these days for the parts or for the full job.





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I have used the GBS kit.


on top of kit you will need new hubs, the origials are buchered for the sliding pillar, and wing brackets to suit wheels. may be possible to re-use cycle wings.


take off all the bits you can, watch the spring assemblies, they can bite.


identify the chassis bits to remove, and cut off.


position new chassis parts supplied, depending on build you may have to re position other componects, such as radiator to allow this.


VERY important to align parts correctly, do NOT do this to chassis. caster angle also needs to be calculated when positioning.


competant welder, and proper equipment, required to fix brackets to chassis. brackets are mild steel, chassis are genrally stainless tubing.


fit side panels, these may need some trimming. build up other components.


unless you get it very wrong the vehicle is transformed for the better, a little wrong you may have self centering or steering wonder problems, still far better than original.


allow for the cost in other bits you WILL find when you are working on the car, possible some rewiring, brake parts, possibly a rad.


Talk to GBS, was talking to workshop on Thursday and they mentioned they had a conversion in progress.

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