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    RH 2B plus with CA18DET Nissan 16v turbo
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  1. Graham B

    iva help

    That was a long time ago, he retired from the Reading DVLA office when I did mine 2003.
  2. Nice to meet up again.
  3. Sorry Craig, for best fit , make your own. Caravan awning rail across to of windscreen, over rollbar and clip/ toggles to rear support tubes. Doors from builders signboard ( bends easily with heat gun) and clear plastic, full length from screen to roll bars.
  4. Make bonnet panel in aluminium.
  5. Graham B

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    Bob & mo, I will make an effort to book myself out for the weekend before the family tie me down. Hopefully see you on the Friday this year. Graham
  6. Dan , I have a unit from a charade 11 that has a unit of some kind on the back. It is bigger than expected so Going spare.
  7. I expected to have to make mountings, connectors are really no problem,, the problem is my local breaker doesn't have a wander round and look, parts are by make and model. I am going to have to change the pulley as Nissan has a standard all their own. Thanks Big Jim and DanE.
  8. I have seen engines with a really small (fist sized) Alternator fitted. What make? What vehicle is it originally from? I would love to gain some space by fitting one. Anyone with one to spare? Graham B
  9. Was that with the push bike on the back?
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed my last visit there. definitely up for another.
  11. Thanks for today. Got home without too many issues, once I had replaced the turbo pipe I had blown off this morning-- hence the spluttering. What a super stew for lunch !
  12. Only a day trip this year. Will drive down Saturday morning. Regards to all.
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