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  1. its for height clearance i need one thats been modified
  2. Hi fellow kit car enthusiasts, im in the hunt for a sump if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction thanks.
  3. Murrayb

    Unleaded Or Not

    Just realised its not efi its just a 1988 2.0 Sierra fuel injectied any ideas
  4. Murrayb


    Ok cheers pm me when you have a chance cheers
  5. Murrayb


    Hi would you accept £300 for said items and can I see any pics of the hood etc
  6. Murrayb


    2.0 efi out of a e reg ghia
  7. Murrayb


    Hi Im on the look out for a sump for my 2b as the engine still has the original one on the engine which is way too low to the ground if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction thanks
  8. Murrayb


    hi im looking out for a hood and doors if anyone can help much appreciated
  9. Murrayb

    2B Soft Top

    Hi do you have the doors too could I have some pics please
  10. Murrayb

    What Forms And What I Need To Register A Car

    Mr toad you say strip back to the frame,too what extent and what should i photgraph as much as possible?
  11. hi i have bought a unfinished project which i need to register to the dvla what forms and any info on what i need would be appreciated
  12. Murrayb

    Unleaded Or Not

    Thanks very much guys much appreciated had visions of rebuilding the head
  13. Murrayb

    Unleaded Or Not

    Hi not sure if this is the correct section but here goes anyway,bought a 2b with a 2.0 Efi e reg running gear etc but somethings been on my mind,will I have to modify the head as I dont know if its unleaded or not,any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated
  14. Murrayb

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    hi i am interested in the headlights when you can figure out a price thanks,also looking for a grill if you have one cheers
  15. hi im really interested would you be able to get a handful of pics etc please