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  1. Murrayb

    Jaguar v6

    Anyone ever put a 2.5 v6 in there car was just wondering as have access to a couple of x types and is it a lot of hassle or am I better just doing things to the pinto efi thanks
  2. Murrayb

    iva test

    Thanks that’s a load off my mind cheers
  3. Murrayb

    iva test

    hi bought a 2b plus 90% built but has been standing still in a garage for some time now am in the process of replacing every moving components even though never on road and checking the car over thoroughly the previous owner gave me 240+ photos of the build is that good enough for me to present when going for iva any help would be great
  4. yes thats a good shout got a couple of them in the yard
  5. just a question as my friend decided to put my rear ie brand new calipers cables etc oh and back plates in the fire a couple of months ago,cut a long and painful story short i have access to quite a few fords been broken up for scrap and was wondering what other calipers etc would be able to be put onto the sierra back axle.any info would be much appreciated thanks.
  6. Murrayb

    parts for 2b

    looking for cycle wings and brackets et15 black headlight clusters and a black grill cash waiting
  7. tyres look ok no visable flat spots will see if there out of shape on saturday
  8. its coming from the front,the wheels are brand new and have weights on them but going to get them balanced again at the weekend to rule that out.the propshaft was on the car when i bought it was going to have a look at it but its a mission to get anywhere near it,as said im going to balance the wheels first before i dig deeper,it increases when you get faster.
  9. hi took the 2b for a small run but was overcome with a bad vibration its the first time its been driven any help would be appreciated
  10. looking for a set of front wings and brackets if anyone has such a thing
  11. and how do i get in contact with him

  12. Murrayb

    iva help

    hi i think i read on here that there was a gentleman who done all the paperwork for registering a car can anyone point me in the right direction thanks
  13. geoff i totally agree i have worked on cars for over 20 yrs i have went over this car with a fine tooth comb and have found stuff which need rectified,i am in the process of sorting them out while i have had other people in the motor trade cast there eyes over this car and we have mostly came to the same conclusion etc so yeh hopefully it will be ok but you know its a learning curve but we will see what happens its just the paperwork thats a pain in the lol
  14. im in the process of checking everything on the car,a had it in a garage that builds cars and he pointed out the things i noticed when i had it on my ramp,the suspension has been set up and am currently replacing the sump and going over the full car bolt by bolt,just one question if it fails the iva do you need to pay the full price aqain?
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