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Switch Choices

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Thanks to the response from my previous question I have decided to not use the column switches .

On looking at the usual suppliers I have seen various options.

Can anyone recommend any switches for the following :


1/Ignition switch

2/Wiper 2 position

3/Indicator and hazard

4/ side and dipped headlight

I have seen a switch for side/dip and horn is this set up any good? And where is best to have it ?

The only problem then is the main beam and flash can a floor switch be fitted easily or is there a better option.

Sorry to ask multiple questions

I am very grateful for the help and guidance.


Chris D


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You need a mechanical system of imobalisation which must be released before the car can be started, (IVA requirement) hence steering lock and combined ignition switch.


Study the IVA manual carefuly so you know the requirements

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The modern column switches do so many different jobs that it will be difficult to cover with dash switches -- two speed wipers & washer is one ---for multi function the old Lucas square bodied switch was a favourite of mine ( back in the '60s -- Mini days) but these will fail IVA on projections.

Not sure if the likes of CBS do multi-function switches that will comply.

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