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Fitting Zero Hood And Doors


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Advice needed from anyone who has fitted hood and doors, where do you start? Where do you fit the support brackets for the frame? Do you use rivets or screws in screen frame or rear panels?

I have the standard narrowbody zero kit.




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I assume you have the GBS weather gear and have the windscreen at the correct distance from the roll bar ( 1000mm).


I drilled and tapped the screen frame for M3 machine screws. Start at the centre and work out such that each popper is equally spaced to the end ones.


The frame support brackets fit in the upper corner of the tub just behind each seat so that the frame lies flat against the boot. The frame should pass over the top of the roll bar, one bar fits in the velcro wrap in the hood and sits behind the roll bar, the second goes ahead of the rollbar and the rubber straps you have need to pull tension into it when its all fitted, do the tensioning last.


GBS have a template for the windscreen brackets to fit the door hinges.


Fit your rear and side poppers for the hood as you want then, but ensure you don't put them too low below the boot top, there is only a couple of inches of overlap. I used pop rivets and internal washers to fit mine.


Mark the hood to match the poppers from the windscreen end first ensuring the hood sealing strip fits will agains the screen.


Pull the hood tight when marking the rear poppers in the hood.


Fit the hood with the frame front loose. Use the rubber straps to pull the frame front bar towards the rear and tension the roof. Mark fasteners in the straps, fit and fasten.


Hope at least some of that makes sense.




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