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Bone Fide Gbs Zero?


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Hi All,


Uncertain and inexperienced new member asking for a quick bit of advice please!


I have agreed to purchase this secondhand GBS Zero - please see expired eBay listing:



I've just checked on the DVLA website, however, as its registered as a Robin Hood. Questions:

- Is this is genuine GBS Zero? Is there a way of checking or can you tell from the photos?

- Assuming it is, does the slightly incorrect registration cause any issue/ concern?

- Any other thoughts welcome!


Due to exchange on Saturday so apologies to ask for a quick response...

Many thanks all.



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being a 2009 that would make it an early zero so may be that they were still trading under the robin hood name at that point contacting GBS about it may shed some light

from the pictures it looks like a zero the only downside to the v5 saying robin hood is that it may devalue it in some peoples mind cos it is technicaly not correct

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Many thanks all. V5 doesn't state a model but I've spoken to seller and has paperwork from GBS regarding the purchase of a "Robin Hood Zero Kit". Also apparently chassis number has 'GBSZero' somewhere in it. So I was just being overly cautious.


Really and genuinely appreciate the quick feedback so thank you!



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Also apparently chassis number has 'GBSZero' somewhere in it.


That actually doesn't mean anything - as a builder, you can make up any chassis number you like and as long as it is unique, the DVSA/DVLA will accept it.I was tempted to put 'FERRARI' in mine ... 8)


However, looks like a good build otherwise, so no problems.

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