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Zetec Reversed Rotation Water Pump


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Would an actual physical impeller off a 1.8 zetec silver top water pump be any use? It is designed to run clockwise and i'm sure i have a spare somewhere.... How is the impeller fitted to the pump shaft? press fit? Do any other clockwise impeller's fit the blacktop pump without having to mill one from scratch?


no the impeller from the silvertop has the blades facing towards the front of the car and the blacktop faces the rear so the blades sweep in the same anticlockwise direction.

I've searched far and wide and cant find any other way, unless someone else knows different.

and I wont be milling them I'm having them injection moulded the impeller should work out at about £20 and pump complete around £55

the factory already makes the standard pump so that keeps the cost down



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Yes as I understand it the zetec is becoming the new pinto and look how long they've been around!!

I live close to the Mendip raceway (banger track) and nearly all of them run zetec's in their rods etc.

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Market research


Hi all just to give me an idea of numbers I've decided to do a little research so please help if you can.


If you would be interested in a reversed ( I.E. clockwise running direction ) blacktop zetec water pump complete or an impeller please like this post.

the impeller will be about £20 and the water pump around £60, this is not a definite price! but a RHOCAR club discount will be applied.


I will be posting this on every forum that I can so please only like once!!!


many thanks and a happy new year to everyone.



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