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Mazda Mx5 Anyone Able To Share Info Please


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Hi everyone one of my friends ( yes I do have one maybe even more who knows ? ) :lazy: :good:


He is looking at buying a Mazda MX5 and would like to know if anyone can assist with information please.


He says there is the 1.6 and 1.8 any advice on which is preferable please ?


Also which years are good if there is any particular points to note ?


Also what to look for with regard to Body condition what seems to suffer from Corrosion ?


Any other pointers appreciated.


Thank You for any advice





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The most important thing to check is corrosion. The water drains block and cause corrosion in the sills and the rear arches. Any visible signs of rust and walk away, as it will be worse than it looks and expensive to fix if paying for a bodyshop to do it. Other than rust, look at the normal things and anything else should be fairly cheap and easy to fix.


1.6 will be 90bhp and the 1.8 will be 130bhp. If keeping it standard the 1.8 is preferable if you want the power, though if not bothered about the extra 40bhp then the 1.6 is arguably a more rewarding engine.


If modifying then either engine is perfect for forced induction. Superchargers are good but turbo conversions allow power to be pushed furthest.

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