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Mt75 Vs Type 9


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I never realized how important is gear ratios and how they can destroy simple everyday drivin till i bought lexus is 220d over 160bhp rwd and 6 speed manual..i was thinking it will be bags of fun :D

Very quick car over 50mph have done 140mph and think it woud go faster..under 50mph its rubish..1st gear is very slow and short 2nd gear has couple seconds of no turbo no matter how far u go in 1st..so if u go over speed bump in 2nd u cant speed away from till turbo kicks in coud be couple seconds..same if u roll at junction no cars u select 2nd go out in road and car not going till revs up a bit and turbo kicks in..many times i have driven out in front of somebody and they have to brake a bit cos of me and then i fly away shouting on my car.. :D other gears are great and 5th pulls till 100mph and then i switch 6th..it is so annoying..was thinking maybe map it and give a bit more power on low rews..

And there is no sideways action too from junctions cos 1st is to short and when turbo kicks in 2nd u are well away from junction..only fast roundabouts in 2nd or 3rd..

P.s i really feel better getting this off my chewt..

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Yeah - the Lexus problem sounds like it's more down to the narrow power-band of a turbo-diesel and engine management that's not letting the engine boost under certain conditions.


Regarding the Type-9 and MT75. Beware the V6 boxes and the 2.5 Scorpio diesel one as it's not just the bell-housing that's different but also the input shaft. It's unfortunately not uncommon for people to play mix-n-match with bell-housings and front casings to make a box that looks like it'll fit your application but in reality won't. Usually this is when they've used the bits they want from a couple of boxes to make a hybrid that suits them and they have bits left over.


Type-9's will last OK at and beyond 200bhp if they are good to start with and driven with just a modicum of care. That doesn't mean driving like Miss Daisy is in the back - it means not dumping the clutch and spinning the wheels at every opportunity. I know of Type-9's that have lasted years driven fairly hard behind BOA V6's with no complaints and that's in a Sierra. In a Hood you are never going to be putting as much load into them as the rear wheels will light up long before you can put that much torque into them an act as a safety valve for the box. Personally I'd go for a Type-9 behind a Zetec if all else was equal.


That said I do have a collection of MT75's for my Ford based project but that's because I'm looking at north of 300bhp and 4x4 (though I've a Scorpio diesel box to allow 2wd if the mood takes me). The backup plan if the MT75's become a consumable is a Skyline box - they have been made to fit my application and will allow me to retain the four wheel drive whilst being supposedly beefy enough to handle 1000bhp yes that's a thousand.



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To answer DanE on cats and engine age, its unchanged and was same in SVA days. Passenger vehicle with engine date prior to 1st Aug 1995 and with no exact vehicle match in the database is excused cat. RobinHood is not in the database!

Table is on page 8, section 02B Emissions testing in IVA manual.(2013)



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