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Bmw Broken Rear Springs Mot Failure?


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so i had my bmw 316ti 2003 mot'd a couple of weeks ago and it passed. Just had the rear wheels off to adjust handbrake and both of the rear coils are broken. I am not surprised as it's been looking low on the rear for a long time but shouldn't the MOT have noticed this?


Would it not be an MOT failure?


I love my local garage but bit disappointed they didn't notice that.


Must be common failure though as the service history shows it has had replacements at 70k already.



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A broken spring is an MOT failure, however it is a visual inspection only. I know some BMW springs are partially hidden by a shroud and if the break is hidden then it may not be visible when inspected with the wheels on, so passes. The MOT has a lot of flaws, if a wheel nut is missing it is a failure but only if it is visible, so in theory it's possible to have only one wheel nut holding the wheel on and pass the MOT if the fixing is behind a hubcap, as the tester is not allowed to remove anything. Some components are hidden by covers like engine cover and under trays and therefore can not be fully inspected as nothing should be removed during the test.

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Vosa people have to have a mechanical background and do quite a heavy course to become an inspector.

MOT inspectors have to do a course and can be without prior experience. Example, my brother.

Police do a very brief course, without mechanical experience and can examine your car for roadworthy ness, impounding if at fault.

As far as I am concerned, the law is an ass in a lot of respects.

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