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Fuel Gauge Stopped And How I Sorted It

Guest ickle

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I have had no fuel gauge since the Applecross run on Friday night I thought time to investigate. After using the following video I managed to get to the bottom of the problem and it turned out to be my sender at fault. Once I removed the sender I found the float had fell off and was just bobbin about. Anyway found this video handy and I thought I should share. Regards stuart.



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The other thing I noticed is that he confused current when he meant voltage and also used the term "power" when he meant voltage which is also not correct.


The diagnostic principle was correct though in that he starts at the farthest component and works back towards the battery.


The meter should also most likely NOT move in either the shorted or not shorted position and stay on empty, but change to full for the other condition. (depends on meter)


But, as it helped you find the problem, this video worked. :)



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Yes, he did confuse the terms but I asked a non-electrical person who is interested in cars what he thought of the video and he understood the test procedure shown immediately and believed he could fault find the system (as long as I lent him my meter)!!

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