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Fuel Pipe Routing


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Good afternoon, I am trying to get my tunnel finished so I can add the panels but not sure if I've got the fuel pipe routing correct. Ive made the diagram below, would someone be able to have a look and confirm/deny that I'm on the right lines please? Thanks in advance.



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Three possible problems still.

1. Not clear what type of filter you have between the tank and LP pump. It looks a bit big, like it might just be an injection 'micro-fine' filter. If it is then it's in the wrong place. Too much resistance to flow. (Few pumps are good suckers!) A simple £1 ebay plastic filter is fine for the initial filtration and has the bonus of being transparent so you can see when it gets dirty.

2. You look as if you have used the metal bullet filter that is often supplied with posiflow type LP pumps on the inlet side of the LP pump. Just don't.

3. You should have an injection filter between the HP pump outlet and the fuelrail.

Apart from the above it's OK.



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A filter that is placed between the tank outlet and the inlet of the LP pump should be low resistance to flow as the LP pump has to suck through it and most pumps are poor suckers. The one you have fitted may be low resistance and absolutely fine. I don't know what type of filter it is. Most aftermarket low resistance filters I have used are small. I also like a filter that has a transparent case so I can see how dirty it is. Dirty equals increased resistance to flow. I also change the filter in this location every year or when it looks dirty or at the drop of a hat. Past experience has shown that on my car any resistance at this point makes my engine cough!

Although it would be ideal to have a micro filter here so no debris at all gets into the system, both pumps would be well protected but you can't use one due to the resistance. The filter mesh size and thus resistance can only be chosen to stop any debris that would damage the pumps. Think of most OEM set-ups. Just a gauze sock on the pump inlet. The very fine filter to prevent debris that might block an injector is after the HP pump where the fuel is blasted through it at 4 bar + so resistance is not an issue.

So I can't say if your LP filter is right or wrong or if you should change it. Find out what type it is and then decide.



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