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Indicators Flash Too Fast


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finally got the car ready for the road after all the repairs.


the indicators are flashing too fast.. I think its down to the new front indicators as they are only a 501 5w bulb.


Any ideas how I can get round this..or is it new different indicators ?


I heard once that it needs a resistor. but what size ?? or was that bull

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I had similar issues when after IVA I fitted some decent indicators, you can get LED load resistors ( I used T50 50w 6RJ) which will definitely resolve the issue it designed for LEDs, you could try and get 10w bulbs in the same size then check the flash rate. And the cheapest way in true Rhocar style fit another bulb holder in the circuit out of view job done. I done this for nearly a year until I found the load resistors at a reasonable price.

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Having an extra bulb holder is not illegal as long as the light does not show outside the vehicle.

Anywhere under the bonnet would do it. In the boot also ok.

You would need one on both sides though.

The larger holder would be best as the range of bulbs is far greater.

Good luck with the IVA.

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they flash as brightly as the old style of bulb and they are for a motorbike..so must be legal.


I don't really want another bulb etc id rather go resistor or relay swap.. cheers guys ill look into it


ill also look for 501 bulbs in a higher wattage

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Funny i did the extra bulb thing when i IVA'd the car, just tucked it away under dash covered in electrical tape to hide the flashing.


I've now fitted a relay off ebay thats just for this purpose. Do a search theres loads on there for a few quid.

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