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Connections To The Fuse Box

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This may sound like a stupid question, but do the battery connections to the fuse box and starter cable connect to the central rail on the fuse box with the alun key bolt . I thought yes but I thought I would ask anyway cos electrics are not obvious to me as you can probably tell.


Thanks if you can give guidance.


Chris D

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There are two main connections to feed power in to the fuse box. A direct live from the battery+ and a switched live from the ignition switch or better via a hefty relay which is switched by the ignition switch. This is because there are some items that need a battery live feed like sidelights, hazard warning, headlamp flash and the power feed to many relays and some that need an ignition switched feed like heater, indicators, windscreen wipers, washers, low brake fluid light.

Normal practice is to arrange something like the pic below.


I should perhaps add that the main cable to the starter solenoid goes direct from the battery pos terminal to the solenoid. It does not go through the fusebox.




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