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Bob Tucker

Yet Another Clear Out

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My apologies to Bob (CB750)


It turns out the 26 spline diff is a 3.92, not a 3.62 which I bought it as.


So up for sale again correctly advertised.


3.92 diff, 26 spline for push in driveshafts (not included).... £50


Ideal for any 16v engined car, Zetec, Duratec, Redtop etc.

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Sorry Joe,

they are going to Macavvy

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    • By Jonathan.Ritchie
      Good morning.
      I'm currently doing a sliding pillar upgrade to a double wishbone kit.
      The front hubs of the car have been modified to fit the sliding pillar arrangement and now will not fit the double wishbone kit.
      Does anyone have a pair of hubs going for sale?
    • By cb750
      Brake servo and cylinder.
      Another problem found during this 3A rebuild! Just started on strengthening the pedal box area and found that the servo and master cylinder appear to be the wrong ones! The servo has a large clevis on the end and not the Sierra type push rod (previous owner had drilled the brake pedal and put a nut and bolt through it to hook it up). The master cylinder is a 4 port type and not the 2 port that I expected, its also marked 25 (I think the Sierra is 22mm?). Part number on the servo is 91AB-2B 195-HA. The local Ford dealer is very helpful and tried a search to see what it is but their system does not recognise the number as he thinks its probably obsolete. Only drove the car a short distance before stripping it down to rebuild it so didn't really try the brakes out much.
      I don't want to drill the new pedal box that I have got so:
      If I refit the servo can the pushrod be changed to the Sierra type? I need a servo for when my wife drives the car.
      Is the larger master cylinder OK to use (don't know what will happen if I need a seal kit though). Also I was thinking of fitting a proportioning valve to the rear brake line but don't think I can with a dual line setup.
      Can anyone identify what I have got or any ideas ?
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