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Tatton Park Passion For Power August 20Th - 21St 2016

steve in stockport

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The Tatton Park Passion for Power car show is taking place over the weekend of 20th and 21st August this year. I'll be applying for a club stand in the next couple of days, the show is free to enter for driver and passenger if you are displaying a vehicle, you can do either day or all weekend and camping is available from Friday usually for about £10 per person for the weekend.


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If you're interested in attending add your details below including your name, car make, model and reg, whether you'll be there Saturday, Sunday or all weekend and whether you intend camping. For those who don't camp there is a premier inn about 2 miles from Tatton Park.
No money needed, you pay for camping at the show.


Closing date to be on this list is Saturday 11th July and the event is also advertised on the North West Kit Car Owners Group on Facebook so places may go quickly

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Sorry folks, just heard back from the organisers, all club pitches have gone and there's no room for individual enties either so it looks like this is a no go


They did also have a bit of a snipe about low attendance at the June event even though the weather was good.

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Thanks for trying Steve, always a problem when organising these events spending time an effort innarranging andnthen people do not attend. Unfortunately on this occasion i was one of them but gearbox failed before I could get there, not sure how many actually turned up on the day but i had 9 down for camping and someone said they were on their own.


we need more bigger events for the club and this show had great opportunity.

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