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Cooking - gas vs. induction


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Like most things, dictated law is one thing, enforcement is another ;) I'd like to see the local council stop me burning the garden waste I accumulate because I'll be *bleep*ed if I'm taking it to the tip!

I actually prefer the smokeless fuel anyway, it burns longer and cleaner with just a nice small pile of ash to clean away afterwards.

edit: found some details here for those who are worried; doesn't seem all that bad

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Oh yes agreed, enforcement is another matter. I grow veg and have the river running thru my garden, literally a river in the garden. It’s shown on my title deeds that I own the river, I own the fishing rights too. I’m still not allowed to take water from the river without planning permission would you believe, had some whole spiel about it of the conveyancing clowns when buying the house. During the drought mid summer when my 800L of water butts run dry I may borrow a watering can or two from said waterway. Who do you expect will enforce the issue 🤣 I must add that plastic watering cans float away faster than you can run for a rake if you drop them in because the rose comes off as you pull the bugger up, apparently 👀

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