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It’s a pass!

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Well looking at that pic and being as strict as I can be (ie. worst case; please forgive me!) I would feed back :

  • Rear view mirror not permanent; will definately fail
  • Can't make out radius on centre of steering wheel and bolt heads but could be an issue, certainly doesn't look very soft!
  • Ignition key will fail
  • I can't see any demister vents to the screen, unless the screen is heated electrically maybe?

Otherwise looks pretty good, assume all the windscreen edges and dash are radiused

edit: you should probably start your own thread, save us cluttering up daniel's ;)

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Yea I just read all those posts 😂

I think you already have the answers but my examiner did check the wipers and their function carefully, several times including the washer jet.  He checked to make sure nothing went pop (assume fuse) when he restricted flow from the water bottle.  He also checked the radius everything, special attention to windscreen mounts.

I have fitted a demister which was tested, although not thoroughly (do they work).

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