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RS 2000 Sump on type 9 box

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Hi guys and gals.....


I am about to buy an RS2000 sump and pickup pipe. I an currently running a type 9 - 4 speed rocket box... It is just me or did I read somewhere that the RS2000 sump have some sort of plate on it that gets in the way of the clutch cable or something? Am I making that up? If I am right.... Can I just angle grind the plate off or is there a way around this? 



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The plate you talk about blanks off the RS2000 bellhousing left side starter position option, it has a hole in it for clutch cable and may well work with your current gearbox setup.

so try it first before you hack a bit of an expensive sump off.

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Hi Joe,

I have fitted a RS2000 Sump and pickup pipe to my Pinto 205 block (2000 injection) Type 9. 5speed gearbox

Not sure if your belhouing is the same as mine, using the long clutch cabe (QCC1422)

When fitting found that the hole for the oil dip stick in the bottom plate in the sump just had to be filed out for the correct alignment.

The side extention of the sump sits where the clutch cable should go through to be in line with the clutch fork, bur mine works fine in the next hole up. Also check that the starter bolt mountings are clear mine had to have a slight file to clear.

Hope this helps.

Regards Martin

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