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Re-packable Vs sealed silencer

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Hi, I'm in the process of getting a hayabusa engined Spire GTR ready to go through the IVA. Up to now it's been a track only car so have a few bits to sort out!

I have a re-packable silencer on the car, and while I was browsing the web saw in the description of a similar item 'not for road use as not sealed'.  Surprised me a bit as I thought that was not a problem.

The only thing I can see in the IVA guide relates to exhaust leaks. I dont have any leaks I can see or feel from around the detachable end, but I'm worried now if it will be a straight fail as it's not sealed and therefore there must be some potential for it to leak. But how is that any different to the joints in the exhaust sections?

Any knowledge or experience gratefully received!


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Seems a mute point on our cars, the exhaust is at the side of the passenger compartment anyway, and with no roof..... 

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