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Accelerator cable - GBS Zero (Ford Zetec)

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I am trying to finish off my GBS Zero (Ford Zetec) build which goes for IVA in a couple of weeks time.

A quick question about fitting the throttle cable as I have read a number of blogs on the subject which show bits being cut off etc etc.

I have the GBS plenum fitted with standard Ford throttle body and my feeling, having worked on this today, is it seems to work best fitted as per my attached picture i.e I get full throttle movement and adjustment!

My worry is, I can't seem to find any reference to anyone else fitting it like this (upside down on the bracket to all the pictures I can find).

Am I missing something?

Would appreciate any thoughts/comments from anyone who is currently online.

Many thanks


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Holy cow, that's a great idea! I've just refitted a new cable (the old one snapped) and I've got even less travel than before. I've been trying to think how to improve it and that seems a great idea. 

Sorry, I'm not helping you but can't see a problem with it being that way round. 

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