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Westfield boot lids.


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Depending on the next few days I will know which westfield I will own. Re boot lids, spares in general I guess, where should I be looking to shop. Only locking boot lids I can find are on the factory Westfield site. Around £1,100 for a lid? Ouch. I’m expecting to have to spend money, but that seems a little steep. Any ideas? Make my own maybe? Other suppliers? I doubt they come up second hand very often. 

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Not difficult to fold up your own from metal - - Will depend on the surround shape -- curve will make for a curved & deep lip ( to be able for the main lid to be flat.

Florin's boot top & locking lid are in s/steel, a picture can be found at our BBQ ( see post of 30th July 2017

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Ive got a diy plywood boot lid, covered in vinyl, with a lock like this where the tongue goes under the

edge of the body panel, and above the upper chassis tube. It should be possible to do summat similar on the zero chassis/body.


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