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Got myself some new seats.


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Just got myself some new seats, I plan on using 4 point harnesses. I posted in a Facebook group about them and somebody has commented that you can’t use 4 point harnesses with tilt back seats?

The car only has mountings for 4 point with no place to put a standard seatbelt, the original Sierra seats would have had a tilt back.

I can’t find anything that says about it, only that the tester will shake the seats to see they are mounted firmly and that the 4 point harness can’t fit more than 20’ from when it goes through the holes in the seat.

Has anybody any experience of this?



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Belts passing through the seat makes the seat part of the belt structure & as such the tilt mechanism MAY not be strong enough OR put the belt run out of line.

Problems have reared their heads with belts through seats in the past because the seat is now part of the safety.

Hope I'm wrong --they look to be smart seats.


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I have similar seats and they passed IVA. As Bob said if the the belt goes through the seat and press on them i.e. the belt pulls the seat down because the anchor point is to low then the strength of the seat is taken in to consideration. If the belts go through the seat slots and pull directly forward with out causing any force in the seat then you will be OK.

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