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Gap between firewall and bonnet

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I’ve sat the bonnet on my 2B with the lower edge of the bonnet resting along both sides of the chassis side tubes. The firewalls are sitting in place, but there is a 2 1/2” gap along the top of the firewalls to the bonnet.

Did anyone else have this problem with their kit? 

Any ideas/solutions appreciated!!!

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Yes I had the same issue, I extended the firewall up with new stainless and boot seal trim to close off, mine is the alligator bonnet. To get the height to extend I wrapped some round dowels/sticks with string and taped them to bulkhead at various points, the string holds the sticks but allowed the sticks to slide and be pushed down when the bonnet was closed. I had to do it this way as car was complete and access was rubbish. There will also be gaps down the side of the bonnet due to the bottom return, I closed these with some foam cut to suit and wrapped with heat reflect material. I finished the new fire wall 10mm short to allow room for the seal and also let it compress.

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Yep, when I  test fitted my panels mine also had a big gap which baffled me as i would have thought that it should only have a tiny gap to allow for a seal. luckily (or not lol) 

I decided to cut the bonnet to have a seperate scuttle as i wanted a curved shape to the bonnet and scuttle as I prefer that to a totally flat bonnet. but going this route was a pain due to making templates etc etc.

Still think its mad that this is normal.

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