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Ride height


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Can anyone recommend the correct ride height for a 2b? 

Where is this measured from, the bottom of the side frame and the bar at the front of the car to the floor? 

It looks like I have to drill bolt holes at the bottom of the roll bar for the rear springs, and re drill where the front springs attach at the bottom to adjust the height. What should I set the spring tension too first? I assume adjusting these will alter the firmness of the suspension but also the height, so they need to be near the correct adjustment before starting? 

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Measure from the bottom of the side panel, right in front of the rear wing, to the floor.

61/2 to 7 at the rear. You do need to adjust the location of the bolt hole (s)

6 at the front in line with the hub. BUT more importantly make sure you have generous clearance under the sump.

You cant adjust the spring tension, thats built in when the spring is forged. You can only adjust the height.

What front suspension do you have?

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The suspension I think is called double wishbone? I think it was an upgrade option brought by the original kit purchaser.

Would softer suspension drop more under the weight of the car, hence stiffer suspension would affect the height a small amount?


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Sorry, but I'm  not clear what you want to do with the suspension or why, so heres a very basic 101 course on suspension.

If you have double wishbones, you probably have  coilover struts. There are 2 collars on the threaded part. moving these up and down will change the ride height. It wont alter the suspension stiffness. If you do have coilovers, there will be an adjuster on the shock absorber. Altering that will affect suspension stiffness. It wont affect height.

Gaz shocks are a good all rounder. Have a look at their website under universal coilovers.


This is a Gaz coilover damper that alters rebound and compression damping adjustment from a single control knob at the side of the damper. The damper has a threaded body and height adjustable spring seat fitted for easy ride height adjustment.

The gold knob is the shocker (stiffness) adjuster. You can just make out the locking collars at the bottom of the springs.

Try & post some pics, and explain what the problem is so we can help more.

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To be clear I am in the build process and just trying to set the correct ride height. Currently the frame is about 5 inches from the floor and parts bottom out on the ground when pushing the car in and out of the garage. 

I guess I need to do more research about the coil overs I have before I drill and fit the final locations for all four suspension components.

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