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Pinto Airbox


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I have fitted CBR1100 carbs to my 2.0L Pinto and I am in the process of building an airbox.  On the carbs there are three tubes that I presume are breathers.  I was wondering what other people did with them? Should I put them in the airbox?





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I'm running similar carbs on my 2l Pinto.  These tubes are breathers to the float chanbers and need to be open to the atmosphere.  They were originally fitted to the air box so I think you are Ok if you are building an air box to connect them up.

Just as a side note... if you ever getting a stuck float petrol will pour out of these tubes.  This is better than it getting forced past the main needle straight into the manifold.  So there can be a plus to not connecting them to the air box.  If you are unsure how well theses carbs have been serviced or looked after leave them unconnected to the air box until you feel happy with them.



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