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Robin Hood S7 for sale

Michael Montague

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My 1993 Robin Hood S7 is now up for sale.

Registered using the original plate number from the donor, a 1978 Ford Cortina 1600 GT/Ghia (so not a "Q" plate). Shown on the V5C as a Robin Hood with the current chassis and engine numbers. Given the original registration has been retained it is now classed by DVLC as a historic vehicle so the road tax is £0. 🙂  The first MOT certificate I have starts July 1994 and since that time the car has done 18,571 miles. It has a valid MOT until 15/09/22. In all the years I have had it has only failed one MOT, when one of the rear brake slave cylinders started to seize and produced a brake imbalance across the axle. It was a simple inexpensive fix. The advantage of a car based on a Ford!

Overall the car is in exceptionally good condition (as you can see from the photographs). There is a slight ripple on the bonnet about the size of a ten pence piece. It has been there since I bought it. I guess a professional body repair person could take it out, but, it‘s not an obvious flaw. I have tried to photograph it so you can see, but it is very slight and hard to show.

I am not the original builder but purchased it way back in 1995 and have gradually made lots of mechanical and cosmetic improvements. Here goes….

Sturdy polished aluminium alloy cam cover with custom made filler cap

Kent vernier pulley

Custom air filter housing for the Webber twin choke 32/36 DGAV that utilises the standard Ford type filter

Heat wrapped tubular exhaust manifold

Alloy RS2000 sump with stainless steel guard

Dual core radiator and electric fan with thermostat

At the front end are Wilwood 4 pot alloy brake calipers, ventilated disks and aluminium alloy wheel hubs

Stainless braided brake hoses

All the Ford axle / differential and suspension parts are coated and painted properly to a high standard – no rust!

Many stainless steel nuts and bolts

Spax telescopic adjustable dampers fitted, both front and back.

Propshaft replaced with a new one without the rubber joint (doughnut) weak point.

Being a GT/Ghia specification the rear brake drums are identical to those on the 2 litre Cortina (229mm diameter). I have modified the rear axle by adding a Panhard rod to improve cornering stability and added two top torsion bars to firmly stop the differential rotating under an acceleration load.

The cockpit area is simple and tidy and I have not changed this very much from when it was built. It has the Ford instruments. I fitted Cobra seats and replaced some carpet. This is where the new owner could make their mark; a nice wood effect dashboard and steering wheel perhaps? A working heater is fitted but (as you would expect) only of use with the roof is up! The car has good fold over vinyl roof and matching doors with strong polycarbonate windows. This makes the car more practical for the U.K. weather and there was a time I would occasionally drive to work in it as well as days out. 

In recent years I have driven it less. My wife and I used to go out in it, but it is not possible to carry the recently acquired dog. I have a house to decorate and two motorcycles to finish and need to concentrate on these. So it is time for the car to go on new adventures with someone else. Could that be you?

The price is £3950 o.n.o.. I’m located in Ruskington, Lincolnshire. Tel. 01526 834438














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Hello Mike I wondered where you were these days, it still looks lovely after all this time I hope you are well? I’m sure it will sell very quickly at that price good luck!

ps is Dave Andrews handprint still on the air filter😀

Edited by Peter Bell
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Hi Pete,

It is good to "hear" from you again!

Tee hee, yes I did manage to polish off the hand print but it took some elbow grease. I wonder what he is doing now. Still tuning Rover K-type engines perhaps? So you still have your trusty Robin hood. Do you have local meeting to go to?

I am well thanks, semi-retired from the business (Brexit helping make my decision), but looking forward to opening a new chapter of things to do. Already it is a long bucket list in the DIY department!

Just taken a deposit on the car, so your predicition of a quick sale is looking spot on. 🙂 


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