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Build manual for Robin Hood Exmo

Paul Johnson

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The Exmo did not have a build manual as such.

It came with 2 or 3 VHS tapes.

I understand that the series 3 tapes can be found on utube, the exmo had the same rear end as the series 3 but strut front suspension being the main change.

I hope that this helps.

Where abouts are you, there might be an owner / builder near you.

If you have questions I built my exmo and remember most of what is needed.

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I also have built an Exmo from "new"... there are two VHS tapes, which I have had digitized, so have some rather large files that I have tried to upload into my cloud space and failed (so far), I can't promise anything, but I could dig them out of my archive and try to burn some DVD's, My PC is old and doddery (like me) so any media conversions take hours to process.... Also, you might see if Brumster still has the tapes that he was trying to give away about 18 months ago (was it?) ... but then you would need a VHS player (I threw mine away a long time ago) ... Failing that ... my Exmo is currently in re-build ... and Chichester is not a million miles from Seaford .... so you could come over and view the work in progress ... or just like IanS why not ask questions as you go along ... after all that is what a Forum is for and you might not have much left to do..... Warning though, I did NOT have to pass an IVA (just SVA with some allowed exceptions) .... there are other Exmo owners in the club that have passed IVA with an Exmo, their input would be more up to date possibly.

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Thank you for your input, the vehicle arrived with a countless number of parts placed in the tube and no paperwork, my address is 14 Dane Heights, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1EA, I want to start stripping down this weekend to ascertain what is required to finish the project.

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