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New Magazine Editor required


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Sadly, after 3 or 4 years in the role, I am retiring as the magazine editor in around May next year. As such, this leaves an exciting opportunity for a new editor to make their mark on the unique feature of our club, the magazine.

The role

1. Every 3 months (Jan, April, July, September), generate the club magazine (about 15 hours of work).

2.  Once a year, invoice the club sponsors for their sponsorship amount.

Required Skills

1. Ability to use a desktop publishing suite—I use Microsoft Publisher which is bundled with Microsoft Office (I get mine from work) but if you have anything else, that is fine. Once generated as a PDF, I send this to our printers, along with a list of member addresses, and they print and post the magazines out - nice and simple.

2. Experience with Microsoft Excel, to generate invoices (I have templates) and keep track of sponsors details etc.

I will provide a very thorough handover for the new editor and I’ll be available for assistance as I will still remain a member of the club.

Please email me (magazine@rhocar.org) or contact me through the forum for more details or to volunteer.


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