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Unauthorised Paypal payments


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I've recently had a couple of people complain about their subscription payments being taken from their Paypal accounts when they did not intend to renew their membership, blaming the Club.   As such, I thought it was time to explain the procedure.

If a member signs up to a PayPal recurring payment, it is treated more like a Standing Order than a Direct Debit, i.e. it is treated as something that happens by default, it is not specifically requested by the Club.   So unless it is cancelled by the member it will happen.   To try and avoid the problem outlined above, the payment system will automatically notify the member a few days before the renewal date that the payment will be taken.   If you do not wish to renew then you need to go into your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment.  It is not something we can access.

If you ignore the reminder, or just email the Club  to ask them to cancel it (we can't), then don't be surprised when the payment is made.

Hope this makes sense.

Al  (Membership Secretary)

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