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Throttle Position Sensor wiring


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Afternoon all,

I am in the process of converting from dizi to megajolt on Ford Pinto, but have come up against a problem when wiring the TPS.

There are 3 pins to wire from the sensor, my understanding is that they should be identified as 1 = signal. 2 = ground. 3 = 5v. 

Can someone tell me how to test these to find out what is what?

So far, I have connected a multimeter set to ohms x1k, one lead connected to centre pin (purple), the other connected to one of the other pins (grey or black). I am getting a high resistance between purple and black and a low resistance between purple and grey. If I connect grey & black the resistance isn't constant. 

Not sure if the above testing is the correct way to do it? Also, if I turn the throttle when the leads are connected, the resistance isn't changing, this is the same when measuring between any of the pins. I've tried taking the TPS off and turning by hand and get the same result. 

Any help on this would be much appreciated. For info, this is a Mikuni TPS fitted to ZX6R carbs. 

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