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Polytunnel 4m x 2m x 2m - sold


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I used this to cover the 2B in the driveway, if I was working on something in the garage and had to leave the 2B outside for a day or two.  Unfortunately the Cobra's too big to fit in it so it's got to go.

It has a galvanised steel tubing frame which clips together and a green cover which attaches with velcro, so it's quite easy to put up and take down - I used to do it by myself in about 30mins, but it is easier with 2 people.  A couple of ratchet straps to the 2B roll bar and it was pretty secure.  It's ideal to keep the weather off a 7 sized car.   When it's dismantled & folded up it goes in it's cardboard box which is approx. 1.4m x 0.5m x 0.3m and it says it weighs about 20kg.  You can, of course, use it as it was meant to be and make a greenhouse with it.

Collection only (from Stoke-on-Trent)  please - I'm not going to try and post it!  I'll be happy to show you how it goes together - there are instructions with it but they're not the best.

Price :    Free to RHOCaR members or £20 to non-members.

If you've got any questions please ask.   Thanks,  Steve

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