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  1. 1186497

    Fuel Issue?

    Finally got around to fitting the new pump but it’s not cured it. Car idles ok and will run fast when chocked Slightest press on the accelerator and it tries to stall, sounding like it is pulling in to much air vs fuel. Any other ideas before I strip the carbs down? Thanks Simon
  2. 1186497

    Fuel Issue?

    Good stuff, pleased youve got it sorted. Just ordered myself one as thats a pretty good price! I assume you just have this and a filter, no regulator etc?
  3. 1186497

    Fuel Issue?

    Cheers, I might check the filter in the tank too just in case that is blocked. Confused a little why it would work fine and then just stop if fuel pump. What one did you go for?
  4. 1186497

    Fuel Issue?

    Hi all Hope youre all enjoying the nice weather. So after a successful run out I tried for a second bash, only to find that after a mile the car wanted to stall every time I dipped the throttle. It would however run on full choke...so we limped home at 10mph. On inspection I think the fuel tank may have been running on fumes, however now on a full tank and the same thing. Every time I dip the throttle it sounds like the engine is sucking in air but goes to stall. Its always done this on first start but stops after a minute so wasnt an issue. I assume fuel starvation? So I changed the filter, but the same. Fuel rate from the r1 pump seems to be about 1l in just under 30 seconds. Next step is to get the r1 carbs off and give the jets a clean in case they are blocked. Any other advice/ideas before I undertake this??
  5. 1186497

    Couple Of Questions

    Cheers guys, will give that a go
  6. 1186497

    Plug Colour

    Evening, I think they are drilled to 1.7 but would have to check as cant remeber what I decided in the end. Does that sound about right?
  7. 1186497

    Couple Of Questions

    Hi guys, sorry to open an old post. So first run out in the sun yesterday and all good. But still the muffled backfire sound when turning off. Im happy ignore it but dont want it to be caused by a build up of pressure that I may regret one day! Fuel taking venting - I have now disconnected the return pipe as only have a need for main pipe to the r1 fuel pump. I have left the old return outlet from the fuel tank as just the short piece of metal that protrudes from the top of the tank (rh 30l tank). Is this sufficient as a breather? Thanks Simon
  8. 1186497

    Plug Colour

    Cheers, I feared that....getting to the r1 carb screws to increase the fuel mixture is a right pain!!
  9. 1186497

    Plug Colour

    Logos start, seems I cant upload pictures as I get a fail message. Link instead Thanks all. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3sjej77e8x7mhpj/Photo%2029-03-2018%2C%2014%2053%2011.jpg?dl=0
  10. 1186497

    Plug Colour

    Hi all Think my Zetec is running a bit rough and before I take it to a rolling road for tuning I thought Id check a few bits on here first. Dont want to waste a session by turning up with a car that has bigger issues! So here is a pic of my plugs - I think they look ok but welcome any thoughts. Only done about 40 miles.
  11. 1186497

    Cooling Issue

    Hi all Thanks for the response, apologies for the lack of feedback, pretty rude of me but I've been far too busy with work to play with the car! Anyhow took it back out tonight and after a five mile stint it lost 1.5L of water. Whilst the header tank is boiling the water seems to be coming out of the rad cap. Fan kicks in at 85 which is in the top rad hose. Water boils in the header so obviously a lot hotter here! The above gives me some stuff to go on as my set up is listed below which differs a bit so I'll try and align to the above. Rad overflow to header overflow Top rad to top engine thermostat Bottom rad to water pump and bottom thermostat and bottom header Top header to very top small outlet on engine thermostat Header has a pressure cap, not sure on rating (140? Maybe) Rad has 13LB one I'd upload some pics but can't seem to on here, if anyone has anymore advice then great Thanks Simon
  12. 1186497

    Cooling Issue

    Hi all Quick piece of advice needed please (I hope) My 2B is overheating when running, this can be as simple as just ticking over, just before the fan kicks in i have noticed that the header tank starts to boil and inevitably lose some water. I'm pretty happy the pipes are 99% correct, and hopefully the stat is not knackered, i believe this issue is this; I have the top pipe on the header tank as an overflow I have the top pipe on the rad as an overflow Solution - connect the two together to pressurize the system? Given it is glorious outside and the lack of extra heater hose, does anyone see an issue with just blocking these two pipes up as an interim solution? Thanks Simon
  13. 1186497

    Brake Fluid Float Sensor Wiring

    Thanks Nigel, just tried that and the light is constantly on? Faulty switch or possible miss wire? Have the ignition live through the light to middle pin as suggested and then earth to the outer pin Thanks Simon
  14. 1186497

    Brake Fluid Float Sensor Wiring

    Evening Just trying to wire up my brake fluid sensor and having a few problems (pretty sure it's me) So I believe it is a standard sierra reservoir with a 3 pin connection. I have no connector so wiring direct to the pins. So far no matter how I wire it I seem to be getting power to the middle and left pin (i.e. Power to middle gives to left and vice versa). The right pin seems redundant. I would expect that one of these pins should only get power when the level is low, does this suggest a faulty sensor or schoolboy wiring? Any thoughts/diagram would be great! Thanks Simon
  15. 1186497

    Fan Thermostat Switch

    Exactly what i purchased! Cheers all.